The Fences For The Future initiative commenced in March 2011, the objective was to improve existing jumps when possible and build new ones where appropriate, in order to encourage more people to have a go! This work is done in addition to ongoing maintenance carried out by the Tynedale Hunt each year.

We have been encouraged by the kindness and generosity shown by all those who have donated, be it with monetary contributions, time or materials gifted. In 2011 the decision was taken to concentrate on the area surrounding Capheaton and do as much work as possible over the summer, work completed includes;

20 new jumps
11 refurbished jumps
4  new/refurbished wickets
4  hedges cut and shaped into new jumps

As you might imagine we have almost used up the monies raised, however we would hope to continue this initiative in the future, should more people be prepared to contribute. The plan would be to move to another area of our hunt country and do the same again.

Fences For The Future would like to thank those that have made donations and also the “build team” who have turned out each week in all weathers to complete the task.

We have a small team (now quite skilled fence builders) who are prepared to continue to improve jumps again this summer and we do have some funds in the kitty and building materials left over in order to make a start.

The purpose of this communication is to ask if anyone is prepared to make a donation this year so that we can continue to make more jumps more appealing and encourage people to have a go!  £35.00 was the minimum amount requested last time however we were very appreciative of the larger amounts donated by those able to do so.

It has been decided to continue work in the Capheaton area and then move over to Shaftoe and Geordie’s Moor if we can, so that the best use can be made of the farm machinery at our disposal, which of course has to be taken back and forth each time.  It has also been decided to make new jumps 24 ft wide where possible which prevents queuing and poaching the ground. (Somehow this also makes the jumps look smaller and more inviting!!).

You will also note that several new wicket gates where installed in order to make crossing some parts of the country easier for everyone.

The opportunity is also taken to thank all of the Sponsors who have supported this initiative so far.

We very much hope to continue this work, however we cannot do so without your generous donations and hope you will continue to support Fences for the Future.

Finally we would reiterate that this scheme is in addition to the ongoing jump maintenance carried out by the Hunt each year.

If you would like to donate: please make cheques payable to:-

Fences for the Future

C/O Carol A Brown

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