Hound Training

We hope to teach the hounds; especially those young hounds that have never hunted before; to hunt an artificial trail and to discipline them to be exercised across open country. In this way we hope to prepare the hounds for 'simulated hunting', which will start at the Opening Meet. We hope to do the following: -

1. Take them out early in the morning to avoid the traffic and hot weather.
2. Dress the Hunt Staff in traditional red uniform so that everyone knows who is in charge of the hounds.
3. Control the hounds by hunting horn and traditional methods
4. Lay trails in thick coverts, often before daylight, to teach the hounds to hunt by nose, not sight.
5. Stand followers; both mounted and on foot; around any coverts to stop hounds hunting a fox or any other mammals.
6. Stop fox holes in daylight to ensure foxes are underground and out of hounds way.
7. Fox sightings to be reported quietly to the hunt staff or officials so the fox can be avoided.
No holloaing to attract hounds.

Please note that all parties – the hunt and its supporters, farmers and landowners – are intent on acting within the law as it stands at present.
Please help us to fight for the future of hunting by continuing to support your hunt, and by observing the objectives and rules set out here.

Tynedale Hunt

The Masters and Committee of the Tynedale Hunt confirm that it is their objective following the implementation of the law banning hunting with dogs in England and Wales to:

1. Act at all times within the law and according to the Hunt Constitution.
2. Conduct legal activities that enable the Hunt to maintain its structure and integrity with regard to our hounds, staff, supporters, subscribers and members until such time as the law is changed.
3. Maintain the Hunt’s good relationships with farmers and landowners in our hunt country and to respect and abide by their wishes at all times.

The type of activities we intend to carry out within the law and with consent and support of the farmers and landowners are:

1. Simulated Hunting. Hunting an artificial trail laid across natural open country or in woodland and undergrowth.
2. Hound Exercise. Between individual trails and in areas of country where trails will not be suitable, hounds will be exercised on a pre-arranged route, for which directions will be issued at the meet.
3. Discretionary fox control within the law by arrangement with farmers and land owners.

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