The Hunting Act 2004, which came into force on 18 February 2005, forbids the hunting of wild mammals with dogs. You may still flush out a fox (or deer) using dogs – or hounds - if you then shoot it, and at present you may flush a fox using hounds so that it can be caught by a bird of prey. There are also two further notable exemptions. You may hunt and kill rabbits with dogs or hounds (but not hares) and you may hunt and kill rats (but not mice).

The Tynedale Hunt is run and supported by people who respect The Law in its totality, and we cooperate fully with the police in every way possible in order to minimise the impact of this law on their time.

Despite the prejudices and the inconsistencies in The Hunting Act, we nevertheless abide by it to the best of our ability, while continuing to carry on those ‘horse and hound activities’ which the politicians encourage us to maintain. Contrary to what some passers-by appear to think, the law does not forbid us to go out into the countryside with hounds as before, or to hunt a trail, or to train young hounds to hunt, or to offer farmers a legal fox control service.

We are committed to keeping the hunt alive and well until the law is repealed. Nevertheless, everyone who comes out hunting with us is expected to carry a card reminding them of our current objectives:


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