Pronounced ‘Tindle’ because that was how the name was spelled when the Hunt Club was first created (before SATS), the Tynedale has been hunting foxes in south Northumberland for over 160 years. Our main practical purpose has always been to help control the fox population in our area, but hunting also gives many people the pleasure of taking part in an activity that brings together the art of hunting hounds, horsemanship, social contact and a love of the countryside.

We are not red-faced toffs in red coats, nor are we murderers or barbarians, as our critics might suggest (not all of us, anyway). Hunting is in fact one of the most inclusive of field sports. On any given Saturday during the hunting season, you will find between 50 and 75 people following the hunt on horses, and dozens more people following from their cars, on quads or on foot, and a great many people bring their children hunting. Among our regulars this might include farmers and farmers’ wives, a doctor and a dentist, a book-keeper and a computer technician, a hospital administrator and a postman, a financial adviser, a farrier, a graphic artist and the manager of a car accessories shop… Hunting is for everybody.

We employ 2 full time and 2 part time staff, but the organisation and administration required to manage the hunt and its activities is otherwise provided entirely by members of the hunt and its supporters.

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